If you are looking for a new way to promote your business you should consider sponsoring musicians.

Musicians play at a variety of venues in your local area – restaurants, bars, cafes, brewpubs, etc. Primarily venues that seat from 25 – 100 people.
When you sponsor musicians they will be promoting your business to their audiences and helping to send you new customers.
How would it work?
Businesses or individuals can support free live music by offering to sponsor musicians via a support payment arrangement made directly to the musicians. It could be per gig, monthly or whatever sponsors and musicians can agree on.
In return for the payment support, the musicians agree to verbally thank their sponsors several times during their shows and display signage that says who is sponsoring the musicians at that show. Also, they will agree to promote their sponsors on their web site and on their social media accounts and on their posters that promote their gigs.
The amount that venues offer to pay musicians ranges from nothing, ( yes, that’s right, nothing ) to roughly a $150 guarantee. The average is probably $50 – 100. That’s OK for a solo performer but not very good for a four piece band. In order to earn a reasonable income from playing live at the area’s venues the musicians must rely on the generosity (tips) of the customers, for any income above what the venues will pay. Some venues will offer free or discounted food and drinks.
A sponsorship payment support arrangement will provide musicians with supplemental income that allows them to not be totally dependent on the pay offered by the venues and the tips from the audience. It means they can play at more venues and gain more fans and followers and tell more people about your business.
Your sponsorship of musicians benefits your business and the musicians.


Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash
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